Wooden Floor Spikes - 4 Stars[Physical]
Wooden Floor Spikes - 4 Stars[Physical]
Ceiling Electric Field - 4 Stars
Ceiling Electric Field - 4 Stars
Ceiling Gas Trap - 4 Stars
Ceiling Gas Trap - 4 Stars
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How to Buy & Trade

How to order on our website?

You could find out most of the items, Materials, Weapons, Traps and Package for Fortnite Save the world you want on our website. Just need to fill all necessary information when you are ordering then pay here (Eg. Epic ID). For trading will be made by face to face in game, Please login your account and keep online after you pay successfully.


Where can I find my Epic ID?

Click here to find your correct EPIC ID (not your EPIC Account Id), will help you get items faster! If you don't get a friend request within 60mins, please contact us for help.


How do we send the items you ordered to you?

1. Accept our friend request;

2. We will team up with you and create a map;

3. We drop the items then you pick it up.


Why cannot I receive the friend request in time?

1. There are many orders here sometimes, and your order should be in the queue for us to handle it. And you usually will get the friend request within 30 minutes, and the trade will begin after it.

2., please check the setting in your game, to activate the option of allowing accept a friend request

3. Please contact our chat operator by clicking the icon in the right-bottom on the website if you cannot get the friend request for a long time. They will answer your question and help you to complete your order.


How should I do when the map creator got offline?

Please take easy when the Situation happens, we will send a request to trade with you till we deliver all item in the order


Why can I not see any items in my inventory after the trade is made?

It will just happen when trading between two characters from two different consoles, all works after you restart your game.


What should I do if I just got the part of my order for shortage in the stock?

Please do not worry, and we will contact you by email when we restore items here as soon as possible and trade the rest.


If there is no item I need by searching the selling list on your website?

Please contact our chat operator who will offer help to you

U4N With Fortnite Items

Fortnite try to release new items in every new season of the game, and they have brought many unique items in the past season. Each item has some unique quality that adds more value to the game. The item increases the interest of the Fortnite game in the game. The items of all the previous season are available at U4N.com. Moreover, U4N.com offers almost all the Fortnite items, material, and weapons. The best thing about U4N.com is that they provide all these stuff at an affordable price, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money. Most of the time exclusive deals are always going on U4N.com so that you can enjoy more item at less cost.


Recently there is a Hot Weapon Package #6 deal where you can get a vast collection of weapons in 20$. This deal includes weapons like Grave Digger, Jack-o-Launcher, Free Nuts Nbolts, Free Obliterator, and Vindertech Disintegrator. This deal was started from 2 February and is going to end on 30th June, and I believe that no one would like to miss this great deal. You will keep on getting these kinds of awesome deals on U4N.com. So keep an eye on our website so that you can remain updated regarding new exciting deals and try to grasp that deal until it gets finished.

Verrk (May,19/19)
5 / 5
8 Grave Digger - 5 Stars[Fire] - MAXED
Customer (May,19/19)
5 / 5
6 The Jabberwocky - 5 Stars[Nature] - MAXED
Chai (May,19/19)
5 / 5
4 Pain Train - 5 Stars[Nature] - MAXED
Customer (May,19/19)
5 / 5
3 The Jabberwocky - 5 Stars[Nature] - MAXED
Anders (May,19/19)
5 / 5
3 Pain Train - 5 Stars[Energy] - Perfect Match Maxed Perks
Customer (May,19/19)
5 / 5
10 Hot Weapon Package #2

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