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How to Buy & Trade

There are three mothed to trade.


1. Add Friend mail the Buy FFXIV Gil to You

2. using Marketplace Board

3. deposit ff14 Gil to your FC chest

4. directly sell items to you. 

5. Face-to-Face trade


All of those trading solutions are secure, but we propose the Add Friend mail the Gil to You.


Please remain in your game and do NOT go for Dungeon before receiving Gil.

About FFXIV Gil

Gil is the primary currency of Final Fantasy XIV, also known as FFXIV Gil, used to buy equipment such as weapons and armors as well as items and other accessories. No matter what you want to do in Eorzea, Gil is always necessary. Players can obtain it by completing quests and levequests, defeating certain enemies, or selling various items to NPCs or on the Market.

U4N With FFXIV Gil

You need to have enough Gil to acquire new weapon and armor to ensure that journey in the new zone is smooth and comfortable. Is this what you play Final Fantasy XIV for? Are you supposed to enjoy all the content such as storyline, or even crafting and housing? You can become a master instead of spending all of your time repeating the boring parts of this game for hours upon hours on end. After all, the point of playing Final Fantasy XIV is to enjoy them and have fun.


Of course, you probably don’t want to grind for long hours whenever you could buy FFXIV Gil from We want to offer you cheap Gil. Your order can be delivered within 24 hours no matter it is face to face or mailbox request. Our support staff is willing to answer your questions like stock inquiry or delivery status. You can stop grinding and start purchasing FFXIV Gil with just a few clicks of your mouse. This will then allow you to experience the great parts of Final Fantasy XIV.

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